Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I've been using Google Chrome as my browser of choice for a while now. There are two main reasons it has become my go to browser. The first reason is the simplicity of it. I made my bookmarks, and that's it. I've never had to mess with any settings. The second reason is the extensions available. Looking back, I don't know what I did before using extensions. They're like mini applications, similar to  iPhone apps, but they are always there for me, just sitting in my browser, sending me alerts of new tweets, new items in Google Reader, controlling my web based music player. Here is a short list of some of my favorites.

1. Chrowety
Chrowety is a versatile Twitter client for chrome. With one click of a button, I've got access to all my mentions, messages, lists and favorites, and I also get an alert whenever someone I follow posts a new tweet. Plus, I can post a new tweet, share a link, and reply to messages all from the extension.

2. Facebook
Like Chrowety, the Facebook extension gives me quick access to everything essential on Facebook. I can see my friend's recent updates, my notifications, even chat from the extension. No playing Farmville from the extension, but that's something that I'm completely okay with.

3. Toodlechrome
I use the web based service Toodledo to keep up with all my todos. Remember the Milk is great, but I find that I can access Toodledo from all the same places, and there are more features (not to mention it's completely free). Toodlechrome shows all of my upcoming reminders, and I can make new reminders right from the extension, while everything syncs seamlessly between the extension, the website, and my phone.

4. Chromeshark
I love Grooveshark. It's an online jukebox that's like a web based iTunes. Most popluar music is available on the service, and you can upload your own music to add to the collection. The only problem is that you constantly have to keep a window open to play it, and go back to that window to use the controls. Half of that problem is solved with Chromeshark, which puts basic play/pause and last/next song controls on whatever page I'm on.

These are some of the extensions I've grown to love. Feel free to comment with extensions you love for Chrome.


My favorite iPhone Applications

I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now, and I’ve found some apps (mostly free) that I now can’t live without. Here are just a few of those.

1. Twitterific

Before I got my iPhone, Twitter was just a hobby. Now it’s an addiction. I use Twitterific to keep in touch with my old college friends, and more importantly, celebrities. My favorite feature of Twitterific is Trends. It keeps me up to date with breaking news quicker than traditional news sites, it’s where I first found out that Michael Jackson died. There are plenty of other Twitter apps out there for the iPhone, but for my needs, Twitterific is the best.

2. Shovel

Shovel is an app that shows the top stories on Digg. I find a lot of my tech news using this app. It’s not limited to just the top stories, though; you can also view up and coming stories and brand new stories.

3. Kashbook

Kashbook is what I do all my budgeting on. I don’t have very much Excel knowledge, so I need an app that does it all for me. What I like about Kashbook is that you can create multiple accounts, so I make new accounts for all my budgeting categories (groceries, dining, etc.). The straightforward and intuitive interface has made Kashbook my finance app of choice.

4. Todo

For quite a while I used Remember the Milk to manage my to do list. When I got my iPhone however, I couldn't find any apps that would sync with RTM without me having a pro account (I know it’s only $25 a year, but I’m such a cheapskate I can’t bring myself to pay it). Then I tried the lite version of Todo, and discovered that it could sync with Toodledo. This was a big deal to me, since I wanted an app that would sync with a web service so I could access my to do list even if I didn’t have my iPhone. I liked it so much I eventually broke down and gave up the $9.99 for the full version. Now I have everything completely synced, as I can sync Toodledo with my Google calendar, which syncs with outlook on my computer, which syncs with iCal on my iPhone.

These are just a few of the apps I’ve found so far that I now can’t live without. Feel free to leave some comments about your favorite iPhone apps.


A Great Idea

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